About Us

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Founded in 2014 under the name California Truck Works, CTW was born.

The idea of CTW was just a dream to founder Nathin Doolin until a unique opportunity presented itself.  

The Begining

Most people ask us what lead to starting CTW and that can only make sense if we tell the whole story.

Starting at the age of 15 when Nathin got his first truck (1979 GMC C15 Pickup) Nathin was obsessed with making it the best it could possibly even if the whole world looked at it as a pile of junk. The next 3 years and a few more trucks, the obsession grew to learn and fix everything possible.

After working for a few off-road & accessory specialty shops, Nathin found their common flaws: lack of innovation and unwillingness to try new things.

CTW was born.

Nathin started building trucks for people who bought their parts online and local shops wouldn't install because it wasn't their carried brand.

Nathin had a growing obsession for diesel performance that was not being fulfilled by any shops in the Silicon Valley/ San Jose area. Realizing that the only way to fill the need Nathin decided that he would create a solution.

After the support of some long time friends and newer friends, Nathin quit his job and used his connections to gain all the necessary information to start CTW. 

Over the next year with major support from friends, CTW started to grow into a business with numerous thrilled customers.

Starting out in the Diesel Performance market, we grew into the Off-Road and Jeep market with the help of our growing team.  

After spending almost a year developing we launched our 2nd website. Our 1st website for selling products geared towards making the shopping experience better online for everyone.

The ongoing mission of CTW

Our goal is to help our customers get everything that they could possibly need to make their Truck, SUV or Jeep into exactly what they want. 

We are constantly trying to improve our website with tools to help customers with little knowledge, to experienced builders find exactly what they need at the best possible prices.

If there is any way you think we can improve ourselves please let us know!


To all of you, from all of us at CTW Performance - Thank you for making our dreams come true!

Nathin Doolin
Founder/ CEO - California Truck Works LLC. / CTW Performance